If a company feels it has potential for growth or needs radical change to get out of a state of crisis, it must adopt a Strategy because operational excellence keeps it in the market but does not give the possibility of a leap forward.
Applying an industrial strategy requires a clear market Vision, knowing how to Analyze the internal context and the competitive arena and apply a Tactic. For over a decade, we have applied this method to a wide range of medium and small businesses, in the industrial and services sectors, in Italy and abroad.
Often it is not enough to refine the internal processes or resort to the strengthening of its traditional market to get out of a status quo, and this is where the need for a strategic shock is manifested with the aim of giving an acceleration forward to the slow but reassuring continuous improvement process.

Our strategic interventions combine a systematic analysis with the ability to understand the competitive environment and interpret the internal mechanisms.

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Global Strategies

The strategy does not produce the planned objectives. Probably there is a problem of eligibility or strategic execution. With a strategic analysis and identifying a series of performance indicators, it will be possible to intercept and correct disagreements or inefficiencies at an executive level and identify the sources and drivers for the construction of new competitive advantages, acquire the skills necessary for success.

Some market sectors require to the management to anticipate and ride trends rather than undergo them. It will therefore be necessary to analyze and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment, to seize the opportunities of the external environment to prevent threats. At that point you can position yourself correctly on the market by emphasizing your strength and acquiring the resources and skills necessary to play the game.

We want to seize opportunities for expansion in foreign markets, opportunities for internationalization of non-critical activities in your value chain, strategies for entering foreign markets and the related participatory formulas of foreign or national partners. Through sectoral studies, critical studies of developing countries and corporate exploration missions, these strategies will be built for medium and long-term commercial and representative relations.

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